Thank you for visiting our fishing rod warranty information page.    When you purchase a fishing rod from Blood Run Fishing, there is no implied warranty coverage.

To purchase a section replacement for your Generation 1 Pinland, 12 Gauge, Skein Cane or HD Skein Cane rod, visit this link.   Do not purchase section replacements for your Gen 1 rod from the Kenai edition product pages, the sections are not the same.

If you break a section of a rod, you do not need to ship any part of the rod back to us.  You can purchase a single replacement section on the respective fishing rod product page at and have the replacement section shipped directly to you quickly.

If you break a guide (not break the guide away from the rod, but actually break the guide itself) you can either purchase a replacement rod section, or email us at to see if we have any spare guides available for that particular rod.   If we do, we can send you a replacement guide and you can take the guide and your fishing rod to a local fishing rod builder of your choice and they can easily re-wrap the guide to your blank for a nominal fee.

Blood Run Fishing does not have onsite rod services for any fishing rod repairs.

If you experience a rod section break and you believe it may be a manufacturing defect and not due to mis-handling of your rod, please email us sending us pictures of the broken section to    Please include a descriptive paragraph of the scenario leading up to and during the section break.   Please include the fishing mainline manufacturer and LB test, along with the fishing leader manufacturer and LB test.

We will evaluate the pictures, as well as your provided information, and make a determination as to whether the break was due to a manufacturing defect or mishandling of the rod.   The more descriptive you are of the scenario, the more likely your evaluation process will be successful.   The less descriptive, i.e. "I set the hook on a small fish and it broke" you are guaranteed to not have your evaluation go the way you would like.

This evaluation process is not immediate, and might take some time.   If you are in quick need of a replacement section, it is best to just purchase the replacement section through our website rather than the warranty claim process outlined above.