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The Blood Run Fishing wallet is perfect for carrying your essential balsa fishing floats and terminal tackle for a day on the water.

Available in size 9" x 4.5", these wallets when folded are secured by a velcro flap to keep your gear safe inside.

The fishing float wallet does actually float, and is reinforced with a durable buoyant fiber and tough exterior nylon shell.

The internal banding securely stores your favorite floats up to 15 grams in size, and the clear zipper pocket keeps accessories such as leader spools, shot, hooks and swivels ready for quick access.

A durable exterior loop with carabiner can be snapped to your waders or day pack to keep the fishing float wallet within easy reach.

Available in Camo or Black with the Blood Run Fishing Logo.

Wallet only, does not come with the items pictured inside.
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