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The perfect Float Fishing Monofilament mainline for all Trout and Inland Species such as bass, crappie and more.

True float fishing monofilament line with custom line conditioners mixed with nylon resins to create the perfect line for drift and float fishing applications.

Our float fishing monofilament line has excellent knot strength, and will not absorb water or Ultra Violet rays which will impact traditional monofilament fishing lines.

Available in a variety of colors for different visibility conditions for both the fisherman to mend long drifts, as well as for low light conditions.

Super slippery and abrasion resistant for ease of sliding shot patterns and standing up to snagging trees, bushes, rocks and logs....this is one tough float line designed for hardcore float fishermen.

  • 300 yard spools
  • .309mm diameter
  • Clear, Low Vis Green, Hi Vis Yellow, Hi Vis Orange, Light Blue, Purple, Hot Pink
Any fluorocarbon leader BELOW .230mm in diameter can be safely used with our 10lb Floating Mono mainline without excessively stretching the mainline in order to break free leader snags.

Remember, every time a setup is pulled to break a leader on a snag, the mainline is stretched and weakened. All monofilament lines when excessively stretched are weakened. At some point, that section of mainline must be cut back and re-tied to maintain maximum breaking strength. No monofilament can withstand endless occurrences of stretching/elongation and not eventually fail.

If a particular leader is NOT listed below, then it's actual diameter is in excess of .230mm and it can NOT be used under our 10lb mainline because it's diameter is far in excess of its labeled breaking strength.

If your choice of leader‘s diameter is in excess of what is listed below, you should move up to our 15lb Floating Mono mainline.

10LB Blood Run Floating Mono Mainline .309mm 300YD Spool

5lb Blood Run Fluorocarbon Leader .21mm Yes, this leader can be used

6lb Blood Run Fluorocarbon Leader .230mm YES, this leader can be used
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