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This product requires the purchase of Stem Float Tubing.

Perfect for Fast and Shallow conditions, these Acorn floats provide a high visibility profile above water for easy line of site viewing in turbid waters.

It's shallow profile below the water line is great for fishing fast and shallow riffles of a few feet or less.

When adding an SSG shot directly below the stem, these Acorns are a great bobber for slow flows as well, allowing for great stability and a fat above water profiles for high visibility at long distances.

Acorn floats are typically the choice when running in shallow fast water, generally with a single shot, swivel, long leader and a tube jig or any other jig presentation with a worm. Remember to match to the total amount of shot weight and jig weight when determining which size Acorn float to use. The total weight of your presentation must not exceed the weight listed on the float.

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