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The Skeena hook by Blood Run Fishing is constructed of carbon black forged steel in an extremely light weight but heavy duty design.

Size 3/0 are designed for skein fishing with egg loops, and are slightly less than 1/2" hook to shank, and are 100% legal in the State of Michigan.

Utilizing extra heavy wire to eliminate hook twists and bending on power sets, this chemically sharpened tapered beak float hook is specifically designed for skein fishing, egg loops, drop shotting, live bait, roe/bag float fishing, cut bait/trolling fly, and crawler harness applications.

The slightly turned up eye is ideal for snell knots and egg loops, and the reverse hook point will hook perfectly every time when other single hook designs cannot.

Available in Black Nickel color, packs of 25 in a wide range of sizes to cover all fishing conditions and applications.

  • Available in sizes #10 - 3/0
  • Black Nickel Finish
  • Forged Carbon Steel Wire
  • Offset eye
  • Reverse bend tip
  • Wide gap
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