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This product requires the purchase of Stem Float Tubing.

Fixed Stem Balsa floats with super Hi Vis top from Blood Run Fishing.

Our balsa steelhead and salmon fishing floats are available in a variety of sizes and styles to match FAST current conditions in Medium to Deep water depths.

Blood Run Fishing Balsa Floats are perfect for all species float fishing with spinning, baitcaster and centerpin float rods.

Fast = Fast Current above 1500cfm

Deep = 9-12'

Medium = 5-8'

Big Water floats are the best all around float available for most conditions in medium to large size rivers.

You will generally have deeper runs to fish (more weight), longer drifts to make (higher profile above water for visibility) and possible turbid waters (keeps your float above water) in these larger systems.

Big Water fishing floats are fatter in profile, and shorter in stature (including stem below water). They are not the best trackers, but do a fine job keeping you in the game with minimal pull out issues when fishing bubble lines or seams when mending your line.

Sub styles of Big Water floats are Acorn floats (high above waterline profiles, short bottoms) and the Extra Deep slip styles for those fishing deep holes where an inline sinker or weight is better than running a tapered shot pattern.

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