Float Fishing with a Spinning Reel Tips

Float Fishing with a Spinning Reel

As float fishing for steelhead increases with popularity, many questions from spinning reel fisherman center around spooling, line control and mending techniques.

Do not ever toss the spool of line on the floor and start reeling!   You will be creating massive amounts of line twist as you spool.

When spooling a spinning reel with Blood Run Float Fishing mainline it is important to make sure the line is going onto the reel correctly.    The spool of line should be rotating in the same direction as the spinning reel, which is clockwise.   All spinning reels turn clockwise...as the direction of the reel is determined by looking at the reel from the end of the rod, not from the position of the angler.

The best way is to stick a screwdriver through the spool of fishing line, and watch the label as it rotates clockwise while spooling.   The spool should rotate in the same direction as your spinning reel which in fact is clockwise.

When spooling, try to pinch the line between your fingers just before it feeds onto your reel, applying necessary tension and pressure to pack the line onto the reel tightly.

When float fishing with a spinning reel, the most important element is line control.   You should not just flip open the bail and let line cascade off the reel onto the water, it is important to maintain precise line control to avoid tangles and provide proper float presentation.    

When casting with a spinning reel, your are effectively peeling the line off the reel in a counterclockwise direction, and when you reel the line back onto the reel you are putting it back on in a clockwise direction.    This process prevents the line from getting line twist.

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