Dead Stick Ice Fishing

Dead Stick Ice Fishing

Dead Stick Ice Fishing is a great way to add extra rods in the water when working multiple holes (see local regulations).    Most ice fishermen will work a hole with an active jigging rod, and deploy one or more deadstick rods in alternate holes nearby with live and dead bait, lures, or jigs.   Often the deadstick rods will fire after the active rod has drawn fish into the area.

Rigging Blood Run Fishing slip floats is exactly the same as rigging any other slip float.   First, slide a small rubber bobber stop onto your mainline, typically braid, or Blood Run Fishing 3lb fluorocarbon for panfish.

Then, slide your slip float onto your line, and tie on a size 12 Micro Swivel.    Finally, tie an 18-20" section of fluorocarbon leader to the swivel on one end and to a small snap or direct lure on the other.

Slide your bobber stop to the desired length on your mainline, and deploy your lure.   The Dead Stick float will slide up the line and stop at your bobber stop, and you are now fishing!    Simply slide your bobber stop up and down your line to adjust your depth.

Pay attention to matching exactly the weight of your lure/bait to the correct size Dead Stick float.   Your Dead Stick float should float approximately at the line between the yellow and white stripes on the float when deployed and properly balanced.    This proper positioning and balance will provide the LEAST amount of resistance to a fish when the bait is taken and provide the MOST amount of bite indication to you when a bite occurs.

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