Copper Fishing Line Connection Kits

Copper Connection Kits How-To's

There is a right way and a wrong way to using the copper connections kits...and we have all the tips right here for you.

A common question or complaint we hear about the kits is that the heatshrink is not big enough to go over your haywire twist....and that is correct!

The reason being, is that you need to cinch down your haywire twist prior to sliding up the heatshrink....otherwise the connection would be too large to fit through your levelwind.

After you have passed your copper through the swivel twice, and have performed your haywire twist...follow the next important steps!

Pinch the end of your haywire twist, and pinch your swivel.    Then, twist your swivel several times, up to 10 if you can.    As you do this, while pinching the end of your haywire twist, you are tightening and compacting the haywire so the heatshrink can slide over it.

Once your haywire is nice and compacted, your heatshrink will slide up and over and can be heated up to finish the connection.

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