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Would you like a "One on One" personal zoom video consultation with one of our expert techs to go over your setups/rigging....or to develop a personal fishing plan for a trip you might be planning?    Then this is your gig!   30 minute blocks available at $30 per block, purchase as many as you would like.

Book your One on One personal Zoom call here after purchasing your consultation block.

You get a personal video zoom consultation covering specific aspects of your fishing strategy, from gear, setups, programs, times and locations....i.e. "How WE would fish it if we were there with you".    With decades of extensive knowledge guiding and chartering both rivers and offshore for Salmon and Steelhead, we have the knowledge and experience to help you avoid easy mistakes and quickly get to your goal...hooking fish.

Whether you are a newbie just starting out in river float fishing or offshore trolling, or an experienced angler planning an upcoming trip, we can cover it all.

For the river guys...we'll cover shot patterns, float selections, leader and hook selection, bait assortments for general rigging setup.   For trip planning, we will let you know what we know about how certain rivers are currently fishing, or help you scout runs and holes based upon expected conditions to get you in the best possible situation to have success.

Just starting out in Big Lake Trolling?   We will take you from ground zero to tournament level as quickly as we can to get you covering the most essential elements of your trolling program.    Trolling spread planning based upon your boat/gear/setup, as well as bait selection, depths, speeds and leads...the whole nine yards.

Have an open water fishing trip planned, or want an idea of where to go?   We will let you know what we know about current fishing conditions in most ports on Lake Michigan to help you maximize your success.    Depths, speeds, baits, rods will all be scouted...we will give you a concise plan on what WE would do if we were planning a trip to fish where you are headed.    This is an extremely effective way to gain quick insights into how we personally approached similar situations in our 30+ years of offshore tournament and charter fishing on Lake Michigan.   Real time on the dock knowledge is still super helpful, but you have to have your own plan in case you are getting second or third hand inaccurate info from online sources.    Get in the game and make the most of your trip or tournament.

We are available for tournament pre-fish scouting on your boat as well, please email us for more information on rates.

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