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One of the most abrasion resistant copolymer fishing lines on the planet for backing copper and leadcore trolling lines.

Less than 1% of trolling line available on the market comes with any type of abrasion resistant coating to it whatsoever. After you put the fish on the deck, slam the cooler on your line, have a fish run it around a downrigger cable, drag it through a net and heave it back out for the next set, that piece of line has been through the ringer.

Extra abrasion resistant coatings, shock absorbent resins and excellent knot strength are all features of our hi vis backer. Just enough stretch and shock absorption for pulling big inlinine planer boards, and super high visibility for tracing lines out in low visibility conditions.

Holds a measured breaking strength of over 33lbs, yet the same diameter as most 20lb monofilament lines.

Available in Hi Vis Yellow 2600YD spools 25LB Test.
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